About Me


My name is Bodie Paul Shallenberger and I am a technical writer at a medical healthcare LIS software company called Orchard Software Corporation in Carmel, Indiana. I write, edit, document, and update medical guides, software instruction, customer information, and work with the company website. I also do instructional freelance writing for Demand Media through eHow. I went to Purdue University and double majored in English and professional writing, with a minor in African American studies. I graduated in May of 2011. I have high hopes of going to graduate school in 2012 to continue on with my English and writing education.

I hope that you find my personal website both informal and helpful in getting more familiar with me and my academic and professional work.

If you have any questions, or simply want to say hello, you are more than welcome to contact me. My information can be found on the website.

Career/Academic Focuses

As a double major in English and professional writing, now working for a wonderful software company as a technical writer, I would like to continue to hone my technological writing skills and become more familiar with the LIS trade. As I previously mentioned, I have high hopes of going to graduate school in April of 2012. I will be applying to the English MA program at both IUPUI and University of Indianapolis. I will take the GRE in late November.

"Bodie Shallenberger is among the most terminally genial, unflinchingly loyal individuals I have ever (or likely will ever) been privileged to know. The passion and enthusiasm which inform his every action are eclipsed only by his genuinely inspirational commitment to being the very best human being he can be—with his friends, his family, his education, and his art." —The Quirk/Kaveh Akbar

Here are a few awards/honors that capture my English and writing skills:

  • Betty Starkey Memorial Scholarship for English
  • Honorable Mention in the Kneale Award for Developing Nations Literature in Purdue University’s 2010 79th Annual Literary Awards for "Coexistence Between Africa and the Western World"

Relevant organizations that show my interest in writing:

  • Purdue University Professional Writing Club

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